Mecklenburg County ISO Fire Insurance Ratings

The ISO Fire Rating is a score that measures how well your fire department can protect your community. Insurance companies use this score to help set home insurance rates. It is important to note that the impact of an ISO score on the price of your homeowners insurance will vary by insurer.

If you have any questions regarding Mecklenburg County Fire Marshal Inspections please contact us at (980) 314-3070.​ Inquiries can also directed to [email protected] 

ISO Fire Ratings for Mecklenburg County
Fire DepartmentFire District RatingRural Fire District Rating
Davidson - North StarClass 2Class 4/9E
Cornelius - LemleyClass 2Class 2
HuntersvilleClass 3Class 3/9E
Mint HillClass 2Class 2/9E
MatthewsClass 2N/A
Pineville - MorrowClass 3N/A
Steele CreekClass 3Class 3/9E
West MecklenburgClass 3Class 3/9E
Long CreekClass 5Class 5/9E
Cooks CommunityClass 4Class 4/9E
CarolinaClass 4N/A
RobinsonClass 4Class 4/9S
IdlewildClass 4N/A