Fees for Fire Marshal's Office

Mecklenburg County Fire Fees

Fire Plans Review
Construction Cost < $50,000$200
Construction Cost $50,000 to $100,000$225
Construction Cost $100,001 to $500,000$275
Construction Cost $500,000 to $1,000,000$350
Construction Cost $1,000,001 to $5,000,000$550
Construction Cost $5,000,001 to $10,000,000$775
Construction Cost > $10,000,000$1,225
Rezoning Petitions$ 75
Fire Alarm (Shop Drawings)$200
Fire Sprinkler (Shop Drawings)$200
Performance Tests - Fire Pumps$160
Performance Tests - Fire Alarm (Shells)$590
Performance Tests - Fire Alarm (Upfit)$160
Performance Tests - Private Fire Hydrant$160
Performance Tests - Standpipes$400
Performance Tests - Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems$160
​Interactive Review$165
Residential Review$ 75
Construction Permits
Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems$180
Smoke Control or Smoke Exhaust Systems (Alterations and New Systems)$240
Gates and Barricades Across Fire Apparatus Roads$180
Stage Canopy Permit (Larger than 400 Square Feet ) Valid for 45 days$180
Emergency Responder Communication Coverage Systems (Installation and Modification)$180
Operational Permits
Hazardous Material Storage Permits - NEW (All Hazmat Permit Catagories)$200
Hazardous Material Storage Permits - ANNUAL RENEWAL (All Hazmat Permit Categories)$100
Fire Hydrant Test$230
Mandatory Permits
Motor Fuel Dispensing$180
Temporary Membrane Structures and Tents$135
Repair Garages and Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities$180
​ABC License Fire Code Compliance Inspections$130
​Airports, Heliports, Helistops (Rooftop)$180
​Blasting (Valid for Length of Job/Maximum for 12 months)$200
Open Burning Permit (Valid for One Year)$100
Spraying or Dipping of Flammable Finishes/ Spray Booths$100
Tank Removal / Abandonment (90 Days or More)$100
Amusement Buildings$180
Carnivals & Fairs$180
Combustible Dust Producing Operations$180
Covered & Open Mall Buildings (Conditions 1-3)$180
Exhibits & Trade Shows$180
Explosives (Mfg, Storage, Handling, Sale or Use)$180
Fumigation & Thermal Insecticidical Fogging$180
Pyrotechnic & Special Effects$180
Flammable and Combustible Liquids - Conditions (6-11)$180
Liquid or Gas-Fueled vehicles or Equipment in Assembly Buildings$180
Private Fire Hydrants$180